How to Make an Igloo

How to Make an Igloo

They are warmer than a tent, they can be built anywhere and they are fun and easy to make. Here’s Yodel’s guide to building an igloo.




You’ll need:

Lots of snow, a snow shovel and a saw

Step One

Jump up and down on a flat space of snow- covered ground and mark out a circle shape to form the footprint of your igloo. Don’t exceed 10 feet in diameter – the dome will be too big!

Step Two

Using the saw, cut rectangular blocks of snow from the ground. If the top layer of snow is soft, hard snow can usually be found underneath. Large snow bricks are used at the base of the igloo, smaller ones are used at the top. Try to make your snow bricks about 10 inches thick, adjusting the height and width accordingly.

Step Three

How to make an iglooStack your snow bricks one on top of the other in spiral layers. You have to bevel the edges of each brick so that the whole thing corkscrews upwards. Pack in any gaps between the bricks with snow, keeping the interior wall smooth so moisture can run down the side of the wall instead of dripping from the ceiling.


Step Four

How to make an iglooMake your entrance. Build a door in the ground about 18 inches lower than the ground inside the igloo. Tunnel below the wall into the igloo.





Step Five

How to make an iglooUsing a stick, ski pole or something similar poke airholes all the way through the snow bricks from the inside to the outside. You don’t want carbon dioxide poisoning!






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