How to make a Pom Pom

How to make a Pom Pom

Every beanie needs a bobble. So add some embellishment to your noggin and spend 10 minutes making a nice chunky bobble!


You’ll need:

  • Cardboard
  • 2 circular items you can trace around
  • Wool
  • Scissors

Draw around two circular items onto the cardboard. The size of the circle you create determines the size of your bobble. For nice and chucky we recommend your cardboard circles are around 12cm is diameter but don’t make them any smaller than 8cm in diameter.

Cut a smaller circle measuring 2cm in diameter inside your larger cardboard circles so that you have two donuts.

Cut your wool into manageable lengths of around 2 meters. Remember you can use lots of different coloured wools to make a nice bright pom pom!

Place one donut on top of the other then hold one end on the outside of the ring and feed the other end through the hole, round the back and through the front again. Essentially, you’re wrapping the cardboard donut in wool. Work your way around the ring until all of the cardboard is covered.

As you use additional lengths of wool to cover the cardboard, you don’t need to tie them together – just make sure that the ends are on the outside of the donut, rather than in the middle.

Once your donut is covered in wool, carefully use the scissors to cut the wool around the outside of the donut so you expose the cardboard beneath.

Pass a length of wool between the two pieces of cardboard, around all the strands of wool and tie it firmly together. Remove the cardboard rings and sew it onto the top of your hat!


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