Caring Cancer Trust comes to Morzine

Caring Cancer Trust comes to Morzine

Alpine Healing Holidays are arranged by the Caring Cancer Trust for children recovering from bone cancer, leukaemia and other related illnesses. And in April 2012 they'll be here in Morzine!

In summer 2011 Sam and Darren from The Great Escape in Morzine donated a week in one of their chalets to the Caring Cancer Trust. The UK based charity provide care for children with cancer and they also provide 'Alpine Healing Holidays of Adventure' for children who are recovering from the disease. So inspired were Sam and Darren by the charity and the children, that they've donated another week of action packed fun during the Easter holidays from 9th April 2012.

Caring Cancer Trust has a number of other supporters too - Jenny Jones and Graham Bell are both patrons and Graham will be in Morzine in April to help Sam and Darren give the children a week to remember.

Alpine Healing Holidays enable children recovering from cancer to regain their self-confidence and reignite their passion for life. Some of the children have been left with permanent disabilities after their illnesses but this doesn't stop their spirit of adventure. Darren tells us that during their summer holiday, activities such as the fantasticable and canyoning were no match for these fearless kids - where adults would usually quiver with fear, the children had an absolute ball. Having overcome their own personal challenges, the children have everything in perspective and are desperate to enjoy every experience they can.

In April a new set of 12 kids will arrive in Morzine, along with the Caring Cancer Trust team, usually having never skied or been in an alpine resort before because of their illnesses. The team from The Great Escape will take them skiing during the day and they will all eat together at the chalet in the evenings. Sam and Darren have donated the chalet, food, transport and members of The Great Escape team so that the children experience a week that they will never forget. All Mountain Rental have donated ski and equipment hire for the week too. HOWEVER - the children need ski instructors for their two hour morning lessons. If you are a qualified ski instructor in Morzine, Avoriaz or Les Gets and you would like to donate your time to help the Caring Cancer Trust, please get in touch with Sam or Darren - 

If you would like to make a donation to the Caring Cancer Trust you can follow this link.


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